Thursday, 19 May 2011


James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

Actress - Harrier ATTK (unofficial)

Emika - Double Edge

obscurity, blurring, glass, faded, washed out, out of focus, light leaks, lens flare, glare, reflection, refraction, ambigious, blind, cloak, cloud, dim, fog, haze, mist, muddy, murk, obfuscate, screen, shroud, screen, viel, concealed

The contemporary take on abstraction: obfuscation. Visually pleasing, like a pleasant haze.
James Blake's video brings it into the mainstream and plays the slow reveal and synced up hits. Actress's unofficial video follows the trend and Emika's mixes in the bad VHS/TV roll 90's aesthetic. Interesting note that Emika's video was filmed over webcam remotely. 

Also another amazing song and video that uses some of the light leaks/lens flare/glare-type noise occasionally:


  1. great videos! keep up the great work

  2. Interesting. I love the use of their effects here.

  3. Double Edge was my fav by far.


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